Roy Handy


Zip K. - Rotten Peaches EP

This project serves as ones perspective into society's accepted gender roles in today's 'situation-ships.' Zip K explains, "No matter how you define it, discontent, and shallow conclusions can always be reached when trust isn't. Let these five songs represent my mistakes, lessons learned, and why I haven't found 'her'." 

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Another Flower in the Garden

I feel like...the sketchier the shoot, the better the outcome ya know? Random, I know, but I'm at the point in my photography career where I've done some SKEEEEETCHY work bro. Like...this time around I found this urban parking garage...I'll stop right there and explain more later...

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Radioactive Ralfy

Let me start by saying I'm reaaaaaally really proud of Kiralfy (@glamzillaralf on Instagram) man. Her concepts with makeup have progressed a lot since she started, and they keep getting better and better. Shouts to young ralf, keep building and growing my dear :).

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Fashionably Late Rainy Days

First and foremost, I hate being late for business. Like...I'm big on being prompt for everything...well mostly everything. Especially photoshoots. The rain and 2 car accidents got ALL in the way of this shoot. BUT......the show must go on, and that it did...

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Ash & The Perfect EP

This was a glorious occasion. I definitely look forward to what Ash has in store as an artist. Check out The Perfect EP on iTunes. I promise you it's worth it. Hopefully she has another show that I can attend, and hopefully you can attend as well, but for now enjoy the gallery.

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