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BTS Session #007

Listen...I have a great variety of friends. Tall, short, small, big, strange, creepy, cool, etc. I've done multiple shoots with multiple people, and we've had some very "different" experiences...This time? Very different...

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Radioactive Ralfy

Let me start by saying I'm reaaaaaally really proud of Kiralfy (@glamzillaralf on Instagram) man. Her concepts with makeup have progressed a lot since she started, and they keep getting better and better. Shouts to young ralf, keep building and growing my dear :).

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Fashionably Late Rainy Days

First and foremost, I hate being late for business. Like...I'm big on being prompt for everything...well mostly everything. Especially photoshoots. The rain and 2 car accidents got ALL in the way of this shoot. BUT......the show must go on, and that it did...

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Shooting @ Justin's Crib

So, about a few months ago, my best friend moved into a new apartment, and things have been getting pretty heavy over there man. Home decor game on 1000, seriously. It's funny because anytime we're at his place chilling, and someone new comes over, they always seem to compliment how clean it is, or how it looks like a girl lives here. Heavy....

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