Roy Handy


Fashionably Late Rainy Days

First and foremost, I hate being late for business. Like...I'm big on being prompt for everything...well mostly everything. Especially photoshoots. The rain and 2 car accidents got ALL in the way of this shoot. BUT......the show must go on, and that it did...

Anywho...January 15, 2016...Meet Iree (@ireionnn on instagram). Another New Orleans native. Ironically we're from the same neighborhood in New Orleans, go figure. So, even though this was my first time meeting her in person, she's already considered family off of the strength of being my neighbor. Just sayin' man. It's only right...

So here's the story. We were supposed to meet up at 3pm. Obviously from the title you can see I was late. 3pm turned into 3:45pm. Whatever, I blame the rain and Atlanta citizens not knowing how to drive. But anyways, I get to the location, The High Museum, and it's like raining/not raining. The weather was just weird. I took this dome umbrella from home to use as a prop, but it was broken. SCRESSFUL. Couldn't open it properly. All bad bruh, but we made magic through the mess. 

Check out the photos I got from the rainy day madness:

Doesn't she look awesome? Say better say yes.....bruh im not playin' you better say yes, and say it like ya mean it! Okay seriously this shoot was great. It was a pleasure meeting this beautiful young lady and shooting with her. Many more shoots to come from us, but for now? Enjoy the gallery :)


To the security at the High Museum........YALL CANT STOP ME FAM.