Roy Handy


Radioactive Ralfy

Let me start by saying I'm reaaaaaally really proud of Kiralfy (@glamzillaralf on Instagram) man. Her concepts with makeup have progressed a lot since she started, and they keep getting better and better. Shouts to young ralf, keep building and growing my dear :).

Anywho...January 20, 2016. Bruh let me tell you.....This concept scared the hell out of me no lie.....let me explain...
Okay, so the plan waaaaaaaas for us to meet up after her class and do some shooting of her make up greatness. I chose a very simple palette....bruh she hit me with a SMOOTH "nah fam, we doin this". So she sent me a picture of the face painting make up she did for this contest through Melt Cosmetics.....fam......I had no idea what to do with this at first. Scared out of my mind. No clue where this was going. Brain dead. Deceased. 7 feet deep. Gone. Bruh......gone.....goodnight....but for some reason I just went with the flow. I forgot how great she was in front of the camera to be honest with you, so everything literally flowed smoothly. 
Peep the magic we created:

I can honestly say I'm proud of the both of us. Her for literally coming up with this wild cosmic look for us to shoot, and me for believing that we both could create something this great. Definitely a game changer, I hope she wins the contest. And of course, as she and I progress more shoots will come, but for now enjoy the gallery.