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BTS Session #005

Might've been one of the dopest, funniest, bubbliest, deadliest adventures I've ever had for a studio shoot. Deadliest in a literal and metaphorical way. Legit we could've gotten 25 to Life for this shoot to happen. I blame her tho IDIDNTDONUFFIN! I'll explain later...


Anywho...November 25, 2016. 3:32:68 pm.
Meet A'pril (@PrillaKilla on Instagram and everywhere else you feel like looking for her.) First and foremost her hair is from heaven. Let's take a moment to appreciate that. Top 5 fros I've ever met. 

Here's the story....So bam, I message A'pril one day on Instagram like "Gewd evening ma'am", or something of that nature. I didn't even realize she lived literally down the street from my studio spot, so boom, clutch, it's lit. I think we've subconsciously been passing each other up for like 8 years now up to this point. So cool, she pulls up to the spot like "Ayyyy im outside", im like "Ayyyyyyy ight im comin to the door, she was like "Ayyyyyyyyyyy ight cool". But then we realized, we needed....A we left and went to the store, and on the way back almost hit a motorbiker. All good though because her brakes and drifting skills are immaculate *skrt skrt*.


Okay seriously. This was one of the coolest shoots I'd done this year, and it was so simple. So relaxed. So serene. We turned on some PARTYNEXTDOOR and she went OFF. Like, you know when a show is one tv and it's starting to get to the good part, but the credits come up? That type of went off....she went all the way off. What's even better is....I have proof of this magic :)


Nice right?
What's even better is.......there's a 2nd shoot.....that we did.....but I can't show you yet :) Stay tuned


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