Roy Handy


Another Flower in the Garden

I feel like...the sketchier the shoot, the better the outcome ya know? Random, I know, but I'm at the point in my photography career where I've done some SKEEEEETCHY work bro. Like...this time around I found this urban parking garage...I'll stop right there and explain more later...

Anywho...February 28, 2016 (Happy Leap Year)
Meet Maliyah Mayfield (@maliyahrae on Instagram), another beautiful individual to be apart of my Children of Flower project. Currently majoring in Fashion Marketing @ SCAD. I noticed her while I attended SCAD, and noticed her talents with jewelry design. Trust me, her work is crazy man. Check her online jewelry shop on Instagram @Shop.Maliyahrae or

So let me explain...We were initially supposed to shoot in this alleyway on Sunday in Downtown Atlanta, but the traffic was like "nah fam, not today", so I parked in the parking garage and the space was craaaaaaaazy. Really old, rustic, & urban. I felt like this was sooooo different, but perfect. And the sun? Sheeeesh......shout out to Mother Nature for holding me down, forever my lady...
But yeah man, things were great obviously. The proof is in the photos:

It was a true pleasure to have met up & did this shoot with her. A very lovely spirit. I appreciate the support of course. There will eventually be more work from us, but for now enjoy the gallery.