Roy Handy


It's Been Awhile...

Remember me?....Wait, you don't? Damn....Well my name is Roy...whatever

Yea I haven't blogged in awhile. This feels so new to me. I stopped blogging for a while to focus on my craft a little more than just posting content just to say I did. I felt like I wasn't doing my blog justice by just forcing the creative process. That's not fair to me nor my viewers. But, now I'm back, and busier than ever. Just to quickly sum things up, I work as a Graphic Designer for The Stashed & a Portrait/Lifestyle Photographer for a beauty brand based in New York, Base Butter. Life's pretty great right now man. Pretty great.

Anywho...July 2, 2016. Meet Brit & Chandler (@VogueBritt & @ChanBabyy on Instagram). I met these two via Twitter through a clutch plug from my homie Grayson aka Young Gray Goose. Preciate that playa.

So, these two have to be the most charismatic, ecstatic, excited, enthusiastic, BRUH ALL THESE ADJECTIVES....they were great man. Very vibrant, very energetic and I loved every second of their presence. It's a breath of fresh air when the people photograph actually naturally make for great photos without you directing them so much. And I can't forget to shout out their friend, Shema, for the slight assist during the shoot. She was pretty cool, and hopefully she'll want to shoot with me in the near future so you all can see how wonderful she is.

But yeaaaaa here's a little black girl magic I caught on camera for you guys:


T'was one hell of a time. 

Sidenote, I'll start posting more photo sessions now that I'm back and busier with work. I'm not sure how often I'll post, but the content will be worth it. :)