Roy Handy


Golden Girls, Reloaded

Two friends, now beautiful women...Five years, now time that has matured the both of them...One collection of photos that I can honestly say may be my strongest pieces this year.

August 4th, 2016 4:38:22

Meet Kiralfy & Yaunnie (@AlienatedBeaute & @BalseritaBabe on Instagram). Little background on them. We all went to high school together, so we basically grew up together. Kiralfy & Yaunnie might be the dopest duo of best friends I've ever seen. You ever been in sync with someone so much that it's scary. That's them. They're amazing, and I love annoying them to death :)

So yeaaaaaa, I was shooting Kiralfy a few months back, Yaunnie saw the pics after a shoot I did with her, so she had the idea to do a shoot with the two of them....WHY THE HELL NOT! So, it took us a minute to get things sorted out BUT, I must say they made me believe in black girl magic even more after this shoot. It's honestly funny because this shoot really showed me how art can really bring people together, and this shoot really taught me that life is too short to hold onto little disagreements you may have with people in the past.

I can go on for days, but I'd rather let the photos speak for themselves


Aaaaaaaanddddd.....yeeeeeaaaaa. Awesome right? I'd agree.

...But you know what's not awesome?? ALLTHISDAMNGLITTERALLOVERMYCARPET! I hope ya'll enjoy these photos while I Stanley Steam carpet my whole studio.