Roy Handy


The Children of Flowers

So I'd decided to start this project a few years ago. It all started when I got my sleeve of a dozen roses. Yes....I have a strong admiration for's pretty deep. Let me explain....

So, when I was younger, living in New Orleans we had a rose bush in front of our house. I would always go outside and pick flowers for my mother, and she would keep them with her in her bible. And for as long as I could remember, I've always drawn roses all over the place. Some people judged me for it, calling me homosexual....bruh it's a flower, how does that define my sexuality fam lmaoo....anyways, as I grew older, my admiration and understanding of roses did as well. I've always bought my other roses for any occasion. From the beginning of my life to the end of hers, I'd look at her as my rose....Always so beautiful even in her hardest times, and even when she passed away, she never let her petals wither away. Still to this day she's the most beautiful rose in my garden...


But seriously this is my most personal project to this date, and I'm glad I have friends who are cool enough to be apart of it. I feel like now would be the perfect time to just slidddddeeee right into these fotos:

Thanks again to my friends who've helped me out with this so far. I want more of my friends to get in on this project so I can do more updates, but until then enjoy the gallery :)