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Another One: #SammyApproved

LIT! Post over. Nothing else to read here bruh. Lit, that's it.

Okay seriously, this doesn't have an exact date to it because I forgot when I shot this, but this day was epic. One time for Chelsea and Byron for helping this whimsical concept come true. AND ONE TIME FOR HER MOM SEWING THIS DRESS UP IN ORDER FOR THIS TO HAPPEN WHY HAVE I NOT BOUGHT HER FLOWERS YET NOT SURE ALRIGHT I'LL STOP SCREAMING......Anywho, that day was really great besides the obvious "black kid looking like he's up to no good" stares from the cops. Fam, there were grown men groping women out there and you were really worried about me taking pictures with my beautiful homies? Starting to feel like cops really just be mad because they can't catch this wave. Ya'll know I'm wavy, stop playing yourself.

Alright back on topic, the day started off with us taking forever to get the look together. Once Sammy got everything in order, we went to the wrong fair lol. Don't even ask, but we finally got to the right place and made some DEEP magic, per usual.

Check out the pics I caught during our experience:

Random, but the music there was hilarious. Millions of kids running around while Goodies by Ciara was playing. Ya'll had one job bruh ONE JOB lmao. Overall this was a great experience. 2016 will be pretty dope for us collabing again, but until we shoot some more magic enjoy the gallery :)


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