Roy Handy


Blossom vol. 1

Well well well....If it isn't Yaunnie (@balseritababe on Instagram). The homie that went MIA for so many years, pops up out of nowhere, goes missing again, and comes back to shoot this magic with young roy. Such a blessing.

So, where do I start? March 6, 2016...We had scheduled this shoot about a month in advance. The looooong hours of sending outfit ideas and props back and forth. The long text threads filled with creative thoughts from wondrous minds. All came down to this little project...Blossom. Yes, Blossom, from the Powerpuff Girls. Her idea was to shoot in different traits of Blossom. So this is really just the beginning of this project. It all required a set out plan of how things would flow, the concept had to be SOLID, the outfit SOLID, location SOLID, and everything actually played out really well. Makeup, hair, time for Yaunnie with the Hawaiian BBQ pizza. CLUTCH...Anywho..
Funny story time. So it was a few days prior to the shoot and we still didn't have a set location. Crazy how God works man, either he's just that great or Yaunnie might just be the finesse queen. So, at first we were hotel searching for a room to all of this in, but then I suggested we look into an airbnb. SO...Yaunnie took initiative and looked for a spot, and she came across this space in Buckhead Atlanta. Perfect...But it gets better. The lady who owned the spot basically let us use it for THE PHREE. Blessingssssss. 

But yea man, the shoot went great. Peep the photos

T'was a pleasure shooting this project. I know for sure we'll be making more waves in the future, but for now enjoy the gallery :)