Roy Handy


Flashback: The Laundromat w/ Sammy

Let me just start by saying, yes, she is sitting in a dryer. No, I didn't tell her to do this. Sammy's just that spontaneously awesome.
(@SammyApproved on Instagram & Twitter)

Anywho...August 7, 2015. I week prior to this shoot, my good friend Kashmir (@KASZMYR) helped me look for someone who would be cool enough to pull off this whole late night laundromat photoshoot I had in mind. A lot of people hit her up about it, which was awesome, but something about Sammy, or Chelsea better yet, stood out to me. At first I didn't hit her up immediately, but she messaged me via Instagram about the concept, so I knew it was destined for us to cross paths.

Well, in the beginning we had a hard time finding a location to shoot because every laundromat in midtown Atlanta just felt like being lame that day. Luckily she found this laundry spot off in the cut that was cool enough to let us come through and shoot up this place.....well, take pictures...shoot up the place sounds kind of illegal ya know?

Here's some washing machine filled, dryer stacked, fabric softening, blah blah blah photos from our experience:

Beautiful aint she? T'was a pleasure shooting with her this day. Many more sessions to come from the both of us, but until then enjoy the gallery.